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Thankful for PHD vote | Letters

Thanks to Barbara Sharp, Monica Harrington and Bill Williams, our three newest Public Hospital District commissioners, for taking the next step on Wednesday evening to move us closer to getting full reproductive health services for island residents. During their election campaigns 15 months ago they promised they would try to secure a reduction in the tax subsidy we pay to PeaceHealth to free up some money for the health care services that PeaceHealth cannot or will not provide. Those services are related to the Reproductive Privacy Act and the Death with Dignity Act, state laws that were overwhelmingly supported by SJC voters. A few months ago, Williams and Harrington negotiated a $50,000 reduction in the subsidy. On Wednesday, by a 3 to 2 vote, they authorized Sharp and Harrington to work with Planned Parenthood to develop a draft contract that would significantly improve the scope and availability of reproductive health services on San Juan Island.

That draft contract will be brought back to the commissioners in the next month or two for review and action.

Sharp, Williams and Harrington deserve our thanks for working so diligently to get us to this point.

If you were at the meeting, watched the live broadcast or have seen the video you know that the obstructions are working hard to prevent the provision of full reproductive health services on the island.

Please let Sharp, Williams and Harrington know that you appreciate what they’ve accomplished and offer your support to keep moving things forward.

Richard Grout

Friday Harbor