Thank you SJI Community Foundation| Letter

Thank you SJI Community Foundation

PADs for Parkinson’s of San Juan Island would like to acknowledge and express our heartfelt thanks to the San Juan Island Community Foundation for granting the funds necessary for PADs to submit seven years of research for scientific publication. You are ensuring that the work of this ground-breaking program will become a solid stepping stone on the path to end Parkinson’s Disease.

PADs was the first program anywhere to train dogs to detect an odor associated with Parkinson’s Disease. For every one of the more than 700 days that the dogs have worked to detect an odor associated with Parkinson’s Disease, over 200 points of data have been recorded for each of those days. This data is being entered and analyzed by a team of experienced and proficient volunteers, including scientists, published researchers and data analysts. This data contains a goldmine of information that will not only prove that dogs can detect Parkinson’s Disease, but will also provide clues to the source of the odor and how it relates to disease progression. Dogs, with their superior sensitivity and ability to recognize specific odor molecules, have led this research with their incredible noses for the past seven years, and now, thanks to the San Juan Island Community Foundation and the Foundation’s many caring and giving benefactors, the dogs of San Juan Island will have a voice that will echo from the future.

We continue to extend our very deep gratitude to our sample donors who are battling Parkinson’s Disease. The work we do is for you.

PADs for Parkinson’s, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the first and only program of its kind in North America to train dogs to detect Parkinson’s Disease. Today, PADs (an acronym for Parkinson’s Alert Dogs) supports 18 dogs and handlers in the program. Collectively, the dogs, or PADs, range between 85% and 98% in accuracy, both in sensitivity and specificity, in their ability to detect Parkinson’s Disease from participant donor samples. The PADs facility is located on San Juan Island in Washington State at the San Juan County Fairgrounds.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Holt and Richard Lind

Lisa Holt, Director of Canine Detection

( and Richard Lind, Board President (

PADs for Parkinson’s, the program for

the training of Parkinson’s Alert Dogs

PO Box 2703, Friday Harbor, Washington 98250