Thank you San Juan Eagles | Letter

I want to thank the many people associated with the San Juan Eagles. These pilots have flown me to Bellingham every workday for the past two months to get medical treatment, without asking anything of me except the time of my scheduled appointments. Two were my friends before we started, Mike Taylor and Rich Mattox, and the others were my friends when we finished, Marc Islam, George Mulligan (senior – what an airplane!), George E. Mulligan (junior), Peter Brown, Elsa Willows, Dan Schwartz, and Greg Gerhardstein. There are others, but I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting them – these generous, discreet, dedicated pilots who routinely give their time, their aircraft, their fuel, and their encouragement – I’ve heard for more than 20 years – so their passenger doesn’t give up an entire day on the ferry or suffer any further financial hardship. I also thank Dr. John Geyman, who is a pilot as well as the person who put it all in motion after a single phone call asking for help.

Think good thoughts when you hear someone flying overhead because maybe it’s someone you know – be it pilot or passenger – and maybe that person is getting medical help somewhere to improve their quality of life.

Thank you, San Juan Eagles, for your overwhelming compassion and for taking such good care of me.

John Kulseth,

San Juan Island