Thank you for Peace Island Medical Center | Letter

In the past year I have been admitted to the emergency room three times. The quality of care, thoroughness of diagnostic evaluation, and kindness of the health professionals were exceptional each time. In one case, I was advised that I needed inpatient care and by the time I arrived in Seattle, all test results and write-ups had been transferred seamlessly.

I would like to publically thank Charlie Anderson, especially, for his foresight and years of work which culminated in the creation of our Peace Island Medical Center.

Charlie (and his wife, Pam), Tom Cable (and his wife, Barbara), and Michael Edwards worked tirelessly to evaluate our specific medical needs, to help the public understand the rational for creating a new medical facility, to establish the best methodology for proceeding, to identify an appropriate medical facility for a partner, to raise the required funding, to help in the design of the center and grounds, and to oversee the talented groups who built the structures and did the landscaping.

I thank all of you.

Karen Kratter

San Juan Island