Thank you for helping with Marcia’s bench | Letter

The beautiful basalt bench that was placed at the head of False Bay in 2007 has been found after disappearing four years ago. The bench was donated by the staff at the WSU Extension Office and Noxious Weed Program as a memorial to my late wife Dr. Marcia Zakarison who spent many hours at that site.

I want to publicly thank the island network and some of the individuals who helped locate and reinstall Marcia’s bench. Kudos to Casey Baisch for his dogged search efforts the past two years, Matt Werling at Community Treasures for recognizing it and his alert, and to Jeff Iverson and Kim Sundberg who helped reinstall the bench as originally placed. Great job, guys. It’s yet another reminder of why we live here.

The bench is now back at False Bay for all to sit upon and enjoy the wonderful views.

Tom Schultz

San Juan Island