Thank you and goodbye | Letter

Letter to the editor

Thank you for your trust in me and patronage of Hand to Shoulder Therapy. Over the last seven years, I have been honored to know and support this community. However, due to personal health issues I am closing the Hand to Shoulder Therapy office in May and moving to the mainland. I am looking into the feasibility of Telehealth in the future. Just to avoid confusion, Hand To Shoulder is the office on Guard Street. Your ongoing health is truly important to me. There are several other wonderful providers in town who are not closing! Friday Harbor is lucky to have so much talent available for physical therapy. There is Rooted Physical Therapy, San Juan Physical Therapy, Peace Island Medical Center, and Friday Harbor Physiotherapy and Wellness. I trust they will take good care of you. Once again, thank you for all your support. Best wishes to all.

Susie Nichols, occupational therapist

San Juan