Teen asks port commissioners to act like adults | Letter

I have gone to the last several meetings regarding the firing of Joe Wheeler. I have witnessed many individuals who have asked you questions on why Joe Wheeler was fired, and have heard your answers. From my perspective, I rather thought the three of you sounded like modern day teenagers. They were excuses rather than the answers we’ve all been waiting for.

I personally think that the firing of Joe Wheeler was a mistake. I have seen Joe present to you facts, one at a time, all correct, and lay out a clear case of why he was wrongly terminated. This is what a reasonable adult does when he or she is defending his position in an argument. I have seen you do none of that. Joe Wheeler not only saved the port money, he is personable and his employees respect him. If you can get the people who work for you to consider you a buddy (to some extent), then you must be doing something right.

But I am just restating what has already been said. Yes, people have essentially been re-stating the same thing, but I hope you know why. From the events leading up to this point, it shows you don’t. I’ll explain it to you — people will keep re-stating until you admit that you were wrong. Most people have trouble admitting that they were wrong.

So please, I am begging you, just apologize and rehire Joe Wheeler so we can all move on.

There is no shame in apologizing and, over time, people will forgive you (maybe, still worth a shot).

Justin Ha

Freshman, Friday Harbor High School