Support for Mullis | Letter

I am writing to express my wholehearted endorsement and support for the current leadership of the Mullis Center. They have administered programs for seniors with fairness, integrity, and compassion.

I recently received a letter with a survey, in addition to an email, from people unhappy with the administration of the Mullis Center. They are particularly distressed about the difficult decisions made concerning public prayer and the pledge to the flag. (By the way, I support the decision not to coerce people into praying—either to God or to the flag.) They cite abuses and personal bias, but I find that their communications with me have been abusive, bullying, and biased.

The present leadership will never make everyone content. They are making decisions as best they can. I hope that people who realize this will not let a minority usurp the will of the majority.

Rebecca E. Moore

Friday Harbor