Still a middle class | Letter

During recent years there has been mention of the shrinking middle class. How this is relevant in SJ County relates to many economic and social concerns. We are more polarized here than most places in America. The tax burden resting on the middle class is a heavyweight. Calls for more funding for the library and modest housing pull our heads up. Most SJ Islanders would agree we need affordable housing for low-income and middle-class workers/families.

The SJ Library states-Need More Money. The vote count in 2022 stated that 60% of voters found the proposed new library funding request unrealistic, grandiose, and out of touch. The Statement For read 12 million dollars-in reality it was a 20 million proposal. Perhaps if the library representatives had been better stewards of the money already spent they would have a more receptive audience. How many salaried staff does the library have? The number is 23 paid staff. Public places for social and educational learning are valuable.

When my old computer crashed I was able to redo the entire business tax information I lost at the library. The paid staff was helpful and knowledgeable. When I had urgent need of help with a separate business matter paid library staff saved me a critical transaction. My elderly mother who lived with me benefited greatly from books and DVD’s for 7 years. Library services are an important service for many in SJI.

Dorena West-Mooney,

San Juan Island