Some hospital district candidates clash with SJPHD code of ethics | Letters

It was memorable to have served our community as a commissioner during the planning and construction of the sorely needed Peace Island Medical Center to replace our financially failing Inter Island Medical Center.

Our goal was to fill the need for the good of the community.  I am now fearful that this Hospital Election will be a huge loss and detriment to the community.

Information on contrasts with the San Juan Public Hospital Districts Code of Ethics and causes me grave concern.  Here are two examples.

#1 Code of Ethics

“Commissioners shall not allow outside activities or personal financial or other interests to influence or appear to influence their ability to make objective decisions with respect to the District.”

“It makes perfect sense that the American Civil Liberties Union would file a lawsuit in Skagit first. I believe the issues decided in that case will apply to several hospital districts around the state and will make litigation against the SJCPHD even easier. The ACLU has already made clear that this lawsuit is part of a broader initiative to bring all PHDs into compliance with State law.” by Monica Harrington.

How can Monica Harrington encourage ACLU actions against the San Juan County Public Hospital District and other public hospital districts yet run for election as a commissioner? Is this not a stark conflict of interest?

#2 Code of Ethics

“Commissioners shall conduct their official and personal affairs in such a manner as to give the clear impression that they cannot be improperly influenced in the performance of their official duties.”

Monica Harrington and Bill Williams have requested endorsement by the San Juan County Democratic Party and have received same. Harrington has also received endorsement by Washington state Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas. This politicalization of a nonpartisan elected position is untenable and raises doubts in my mind of potential politically driven influences on their decisions if seated as SJCPHD commissioners.

I encourage the voters of the SJC Public Hospital District to review the information on the Believe the Best website.

My heart is still with so many of you islanders.

Keri Talbott

Valdez, Alaska