Skewed survey | Letter

As a dues-paying member of the Mullis Senior Center, I recently received a survey that asks for me to offer my views on the various disputes swirling around the facility. The survey will undoubtedly receive a number of responses, and just as certainly will be presented to the governing board of the Mullis Center as a demonstration of the community’s feelings in this debate.

I do not have a dog in this fight. I do not use the facility as much my membership would entitle me to, and do not have first-hand knowledge of any of the issues at the heart of this debate. However, I recognize a biased, unscientific survey when I see one. When the cover sheet of a survey includes a litany of alleged problems — including such words as “abuses,” “betrayal,” and “bullying” — the solicitation of the respondents’ opinions on the second page cannot be considered as anything but tainted. The survey is nothing other than a cynical tactic in a larger lobbying campaign skewed to achieve a preordained outcome.

Fielding McGehee

Friday Harbor