Sharp, Williams and Harrington have my vote | Letters

It’s my money, it’s your money. Are our tax dollars being spent in the best ways by the hospital district commission? That’s the issue in the coming election.

Ads from PIMC, plus letters and columns, have reminded all of us of the many good people doing good work at the hospital. Of course that’s true! And equally true, that’s not the issue in this election.

The real issues are such questions as: how to make urgent care more affordable and available (and not have to rely so much on expensive emergency care). Questions about whether beginning of life concerns,or end of life concerns, are being dealt with in accordance with the best medical practice and the law, about whether such services are readily available to all islanders. Questions about how toget the EMS levy passed.

Barbara Sharp, Bill Williams, and Monica Harrington have the experience, knowledge and skill to work well with the rest of the board and PIMC, to make progress in these difficult areas. They are excellent candidates; please vote for them.

Audra Adelberger

San Juan Island