Sandwith, Heller for school board | Letter

As a resident of San Juan Island for 39 years, mother of two children who received an education from the San Juan Island School District, and an elementary teacher at Friday Harbor Elementary school for 38 years, I encourage voters to elect Sarah Werling-Sandwith and T.J. Heller to the San Juan Island School District Board of Directors.

Both T.J. and Sarah bring unique abilities to our board, abilities that are seriously needed. Sarah moved to San Juan Island in 1998, graduated from high school, left to attend college and chose to return to San Juan Island to raise her family. She is currently center manager with Head Start, giving her a birds-eye view and perception of our incoming elementary students, their abilities and needs. T.J.’s instructional design background brings a fresh voice to our board, stressing the importance of working within a budget, using data to successfully to improve our district’s operations and positioning people in roles where they can be successful. Married to an elementary school teacher, he has first-hand knowledge of the ever-changing responsibilities and pressures placed on our teachers and para-educators.

Unlike other candidates who are now retired, both Sarah and T.J. work full-time, have family obligations and outside interests, but have decided to make a difference in our community by running for the San Juan Island School District Board of Directors. Please join me in voting for Sarah Werling-Sandwith and T.J. Heller on Nov. 7!


Jo Sandwith

San Juan Island