San Juan Journal Letters to the Editor | June 18

Support Guard for San Juan South

When the county adopted the council form of government, with six non-partisan seats assigned to districts, it was the hope of the freeholders that this would encourage more participation in local government.

This year’s election bears the fruit of that change, with multiple candidates filing for every County Council seat.

In District 1, it gives me great pleasure to support Lisa Guard for the council.

Lisa has been a county resident all of her life and knows county issues. She has owned a small business and understands the importance of a strong economy to the hard-working families that are making a living here.

Lisa and her husband, Rex, have raised their two sons on the island. They have deep roots that span generations. As members of the agricultural community, they raise sheep. Lisa has the common sense that comes from day-to-day experience and I believe that this is sorely needed at the county level.

The other former San Juan Island freeholders listed below join me in supporting Lisa because she represents exactly the type of citizen politician we were hoping that the council form of government would encourage to run for office. She will be an excellent representative of the families and residents of this community.

Please join us in voting for Lisa Guard in this summer’s primary.

Stephanie Johnson O’Day and Jeri Ahrenius, Charlie Bodenstab, Greg Hertel, Gayle Rollins, Bob Querry

Voting for Gaylord for Superior Court

I guess everyone is entitled to legal representation but, in this case, it’s especially interesting to me that a man found with two human Native American skulls and the remains of various bald eagles in his home is defended by John Linde and prosecuted by Randy Gaylord (“Remains will be turned over for repatriation,”

page 14A, June 11 Journal).

It confirms for me why I will be voting for Gaylord in the upcoming judicial election.

Nanette Pyne
Orcas Island

Things you should know about Zap

Sorry to climb onto the electric bandwagon like this, but I would like to offer a couple clarifications about both the “Electric pickup is a real charge (cost of driving isn’t bad either)” article (page 1A, May 21 Journal) and the “For the Record” clarification as printed on page 6A of the June 4 Journal.

Not sure who tried to set the record straight about Zap, the “electric vehicle manufacturer,” but Zap tends to be more of a stock certificate-generating facility than a “vehicle manufacturer.”

To their credit, they do indeed offer the Xebra sedan and pick-up (which you touted in your story) and a range of other eco-friendly devices and accessories. They do also, however, have a track record of spotty delivery of promised vehicles that go back many years. So if you do check out their Web site, be careful, particularly regarding their up-and-coming freeway speed products.

More to the point, however, is Zap is not a manufacturer, but rather a broker and retrofitter that helps these Chinese-made vehicles adhere to U.S. import and automotive safety legislation. Just to be clear, the vehicles are not manufactured in Santa Rosa or anywhere else remotely near California.

Secondly, there is a dealer closer than Salem, Ore. I have test-driven a Zap vehicle myself at The Green Car Company in Kirkland ( I suspect that Brad Pillow selected his car in Oregon in part because the Kirkland dealer likes to upgrade the vehicles for better durability and performance, whereas the Oregon dealer was willing to sell the truck at the base price.

Cole Hull
Friday Harbor

Worthy causes deserve support

Attention: Part-time islanders, summer visitors and second-home owners!

I recently had the opportunity to listen in on a San Juan Community Home Trust board meeting. I observed what can best be described as a very committed group of individuals who care deeply about the lack of affordable housing for many of the people who make our island their place of work … “regular” people who provide so many of the services that make this such a special place to live or visit.

I thought about all of you out there who live on the island only some of the time and wondered whether you even know that there is an organization actively working to make permanently affordable housing available here. If you are one of these part-timers who enjoy the benefits of summer living in this beautiful spot, I urge you to consider supporting our Home Trust by making a donation.

We are glad you are here and hope that you will want to help keep our island thriving by giving something back to the local community. There are many organizations, in addition to the Home Trust, that are deserving of your support!

Francie Hansen
San Juan Island

Column caught intent of lesson

My family in Friday Harbor sent me the link to your article, “Looking at the world through the eyes of a child,” page 7A, June 4 Journal.

Although I am slightly biased, as one of the children you reference is my nephew, I did want to offer you kudos on your angle to the story.

World peace is an incredible dream … maybe someday the U.N. will be as joyous a meeting as this educational fair was.

Congratulations on catching the true meaning of this lesson!

Dani Mutz
Albuquerque, N.M.

Don’t miss Chamber concert

Music lovers on San Juan Island will once again have the opportunity to hear, see and feel a marvelous concert, “Music for a Summer Solstice,” presented by Chamber Music San Juans, on Saturday in the San Juan Community Theatre.

My husband and I have been enjoying these world-class concerts since we first moved here. We feel so very fortunate to have heard Andor Toth’s magnificent playing, listened to his conversations and experienced the great variety of music he brought to us.

Additionally, since 2005 his successor, artistic director and soloist Patricia Kostek, has carried forward his high standards both in choice of musicians and in creating fascinating programs. We have enjoyed her artistry on clarinet since 1993. Those of us who heard the Vivaldi “Four Seasons” concert last fall will never forget it.

This special program on Saturday includes a Grammy-nominated bassoonist, Martin Kuuskman; brilliant performances by Roxanne Patterson on viola; Ron Patterson on violin; Cary Chow on piano; Kevin Krenz on cello; and works by Brahms, Mozart, Poulenc and Mendelssohn.

The musicians are hosted in island homes and attend a potluck dinner on Friday evening before the concert. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the opportunity to hear this chamber music group, don’t miss it. You will find it most rewarding.

Nancy Lindenberg
Friday Harbor