San Juan Community Home trust’s delivery | Letter

Something extraordinary and exciting happened on our island last Wednesday, March 21. The San Juan Community Home Trust barged in two more “classic” homes from the Victoria/Oak Bay areas of Vancouver Island.

The Nickel Bros. barge arrived at 5 AM at the Jackson Beach loading ramp. The off-loading of these two homes was an amazing treat in and of itself. The early morning arrival was to take full advantage of high tide. There were a number of us who ventured down to see this move which, at least to me, was essentially flawless. This company decidedly knows what it is doing.

If this wasn’t excitement enough, the trucks with the precious cargoes aboard then slowly, slowly, slowly coursed their way along Pear Point Road to the quarry and then up the gravel road to a “turn-off” onto the field above. The route from here to the prepared pads in the Sun Rise II neighborhood was nothing short of hair-raising and breath-taking. Again, this moving crew proved their mettle and by about 6 p.m., these homes were cribbed and in place ready for their foundations.

While we watched and waited, we were entertained by the wonderful music of Teddy Deane. The raffle drawing of the child’s Tesla was held with Dave Honeywell being the winner. Sincere thanks to Teddy, and congratulations to Dave!

For those who missed this incredible event, watch for the next, and final, two homes to be placed on the remaining lots in SR II! In the meantime, to see these homes, McNeill and St. Patrick named after the streets where they used to be, feel free to drive over to the Sun Rise II neighborhood, beyond the elementary school on Grover Street. They are the end houses and are up on cribs. Inside tours of them will be announced at a later time.

I remain impressed by the skill of Nickel Bros., and of the Home Trust’s dedication to continue bringing permanently affordable housing to our island. If there are any questions or concerns, the Home Trust’s office can be reached at 360-378-5541 or stop by the office, 435C Argyle.

Gay Graham

San Juan