San Juan Community Home Trust helps variety of islanders | Letter

“They tell you in this country that you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. And we all believe that. But first, you’ve got to have the boots.”

The San Juan Community Home Trust is grateful for the many islanders who support its work with large- to-small donations. They are believers in the home trust’s ongoing efforts providing permanently affordable housing opportunities – the “boots” – to islanders who are the fabric of our community, and yet are shut out of affordable housing by high prices.

Who are these islanders? They are all of us: artists; college administrators; teachers and coaches; construction workers; electricians; volunteers for the film festival, food bank, county fair, fire department and our library; healthcare and eldercare workers; chefs and wait staff – to name just a few! But we need to take a closer look. It isn’t simply individuals that we are talking about. We are talking about a community that is whole- one that is not just retirees and vacation homeowners. When we have healthy, productive, engaged islanders we all benefit. We are a stronger community for our efforts at building the kind of neighborhoods where there is pride in home ownership and pride at being a part of the essential fabric that is San Juan Island.

If there are any questions or concerns as to who and what the San Juan Community Home Trust is and does, your calls are welcome (360-378-5541) or stop by the office at 435C Argyle.

Gay Graham

Community home trust board member

San Juan Island