San Juan County Bar survey gives Brandli ‘poor’ rating| Letter

A survey distributed by the SJC Bar to its members rated Steve Brandli and three others who sought the governor’s appointment to the superior court bench. Seventeen of 23 respondents (74 percent) said Brandli was either “deficient” or “poor” in judicial temperament. Half also felt he was “deficient” or “poor” in fairness. Overall, 60 percent of respondents rated his candidacy as either “poor” or “deficient.” These are disturbing results which I hope voters will consider in the current district court race between Brandli and Carolyn Jewett.

Jewett is very smart, caring and passionate about public service. Her experience as deputy prosecutor has been in district court so she’s well equipped to meet the job requirements. Jewett will be 100 percent committed, unlike Brandli who will maintain his private practice. While young, she’s only two years junior to John Linde when he was elected to this same position. Please vote for her!

David and Sondra Bayley

Friday Harbor