Retired voters don’t see any need for “women’s health services” | Letters

Now, along come three candidates for the Hospital District Commission (Monica Harrington, Bill Williams, Barbara Sharp) who want to rewrite our contract with PeaceHealth. Their arguments are the same as those that opposed the original contract vote … namely, to require the hospital to provide services that are antithetical to the widely announced principles of the Catholic Church that guide the PeaceHealth Hospital organization.

One wonders what these candidates would say to the local citizens that donated $10,000,000. They might also explain to us retired voters that don’t see any need for the “women’s health services” (abortions) demanded by them. Given our demographic, we certainly don’t see why we should be asked to fund with our taxes these services.

Since the commission’s purpose is to represent the taxpayers, the obvious question is how are we represented by these candidates desire to expand services (and correspondingly raise taxes)? One can only hope that the majority that approved the original contact with PeaceHealth will express their continuing support and reject the three candidates that want to change things.

Albert Hall

Friday Harbor