Response to Wieck letter | Letter

Mr. Wieck praises what was the most divisive, vicious speech by a President in our nation’s history. Additionally, he thinks that President Biden “was not emphatic enough.” Well, actually, Biden was simply reading off the teleprompter whatever his far left behind-the-scene handlers typed into it. But calling half the country “anti-democracy,” “white supremacists” and “terrorists?” That’s pretty rich coming from the party that fought a Civil War that killed half a million Americans while trying to defend slavery…that formed the KKK…and that is currently in open collusion with the big tech companies to kill off what remains of the First Amendment guarantees of free speech. The closer we get to an election that will be a referendum on open borders, 100,000+ fentanyl deaths, defunding law enforcement, out-of-control crime in all the big cities, abject weakness in foreign policy, and record inflation, the Democrats — lacking anything positive to run on — can only descend to demonizing their America-loving opponents. It’s a pretty weak hand to play. But Mr. Wieck can be thankful that, unlike his Democratic Party, we Republicans and Conservatives cherish his right to express whatever opinions he may care to, without any censorship or ‘canceling’ by our side.

Capt. Daniel S. Schwartz, USMM Ret.

Chair, San Juan County Republican Party