Response to Gregg Blomberg | Letter

The letter written by Gregg Blomberg attacking the American Legion and their values was a repugnant temper tantrum. The American Legion is a noble organization made up of courageous men and women who are proud of their service to this nation. To call these veterans victims is an insult beyond comprehension. Whether by choice or conscription, these service members displayed bravery and honor risking their own well-being to serve a greater good. Upon their return, many were not treated well by either their own government or an ungrateful citizenry yet they maintain their pride of service precisely because they do not live their lives as victims.

Suddenly, because a survey shows that Legion members may have political values differing from his own, the author decides they are no longer worthy of respect. The childish name-calling and negative characterization of all with whom he disagrees sounds an awful lot like the same behavior of a racist or an antisemite, just with a different target.

The embarrassment here does not belong to the American Legion. They no doubt have members with disparate views within their ranks and from what I observe, all are treated respectfully and politely. They served so that someone like this can freely spew their nastiness. The embarrassment is his.

Lauren Cohen

Friday Harbor