Reinstate Joe Wheeler at port | Letter

(Editor’s note: Since the publishing of this letter, Melissa Alspaugh has retracted any and all support for Joe Wheeler in The Port of Friday Harbor firing/restructuring issue.)

When will this end?

Joe Wheeler’s firing had nothing to do with finances and that has been proven by the lack of an analytical finance document for the elimination itself.

It was proven that finances had nothing to do with it, therefore isn’t it your job to overturn the decision to eliminate Joe’s position due to wrongful dismissal?

I’m not sure the situation can be spun any other way with the evidence given, and I can forgive you for trusting the recently departed director, as I do believe you were misled. Ted Fitzgerald is gone, and, for that, many of us are relieved.

However, continuing to protect the decision of a man that could not provide itemized financial details to back his decision is wrong.

I also take issue with insinuating that project management was a large portion of the duties held by Wheeler, therefore he was no longer needed.

This is not a true portrayal of the job description and I resent the attempt to paint it as such. It pains me to say that I continue to be disappointed in the behavior displayed and the decisions made by the commission.

Please make this right. It is time to instruct the interim director to act and put Joe Wheeler back into his former position so the port can heal from this wound that was needlessly created.

Melissa Alspaugh

Friday Harbor