Reelect Whitfield | Letter

I would like to take a moment to offer my sincere support for incumbent OPALCO board member and vice president Dr. Jerry Whitfield.

Whitfield has many years of management experience and entrepreneurial expertise. He has a doctorate in aeronautical engineering from Cambridge and worked for Rolls Royce Engines, GE Engines and Boeing. He also successfully developed the pellet wood stove for domestic use, which was later sold to a major U.S. domestic furnace company. His drive to be successful inspired him to create a point-of-need green bean coffee roaster for the freshest cup of coffee in the world. This business was also a tremendous success and later sold to a major New York coffee magnate.

Whitfield was appointed to fill a board vacancy in 2014 and was later reelected in 2016. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to help keep OPALCO solvent, while keeping our rates as low as possible. He helped orchestrate the successful purchase of Rock Island, and subsequent deployment of fast internet access for islanders, due to OPALCO’s excess capacity fiber optic cables. He also helped facilitate T-Mobile’s interest in providing the infrastructure and technical expertise necessary to implement a reliable fast network for the citizens of SJC.

Whitfield rapidly proved himself as a director and board member, he is now VP of the board. He has the modesty of the competent, and I highly recommend you vote for Jerry Whitfield in order to maintain his proven leadership on OPALCO’s board. He is valuable an asset to OPALCO and our community.

Jon Troxel

Shaw Island