Re: Loftus column; Trump can’t be defended – letter

I appreciate Michelle Loftus’ attempt to provide a Republican view of the 2016 presidential election (Nov. 30 issue). But what I don’t understand — and what Sanders’ supporters, Hillary haters,Independents, Democrats, other Republicans and the 41 percent of the American electorate who didn’t vote also don’t understand — is how a man like Donald Trump can be defended.

Loftus notes Trump’s successes, but not his bankruptcies. She notes “specific plans for immigration reform, economic growth,” and so on, but, as was evident in the debates, Trump’s plans were mere slogans rather than thoughtful programs. Most disturbing in the letter was her defense of Trump’s boasting about grabbing women’s genitals.

Since Trump was elected — by a slim electoral college majority, and a 2.5 million deficit in the popular vote — he has appointed known anti-Semites to his leadership team.

He continues to make disparaging and insulting remarks via social media that are anything but presidential. He threatens the media for reporting news with which he disagrees. He has designated his children to manage his assets, rather than placing his business holdings in a blind trust like all previous presidents. How can these actions and others like them possibly be defended?

Rebecca Moore

San Juan Island