Re: Jack’s birthday party | Letters

In the Oct. 21 edition of the Journal an article about Jack’s birthday party at The Barking Bird had a few errors and omissions I’d like to address.

It was a really fun afternoon, and the “several dogs and their owners” were actually more than 60 people and at least 17 dogs (I got distracted by the pair of beautiful greyhounds and forgot to keep counting). The raffle for the session at Paws in the Water, generously donated by owners Kathy and Gene Krattli, brought in more than $200, not the reported $100.

Felicity Milne contributed her usual gorgeous cupcakes for people as well as bone- and paw-shaped dog cookies, and Sandy Rabinowitz brought her yummy home-made oatmeal raisin cookies. Alice Shull designed the poster, blew up balloons, lent a table and all kinds of assistance, and Nan Abel volunteered her time and help and a cookie platter for the party.

Islanders and visitors brought in a small mountain of dog and cat food, cleaning supplies, toys, and bedding for the animal shelter. Even a small fundraiser involves lots of people, and I’d like to thank everyone for a great party!

Judith Carter

The Barking Bird