Questions about EMS budget | Letter

Dear San Juan Journal,

I am curious as to why the EMS can not stay within its budget. (Editor’s note: In the Feb. 14 edition of the Journal, EMS staff said finances will break even in 2018.) I understand that we send our volunteer firemen to Las Vegas and Washington, D.C., to learn how to put out fires. I pay my property taxes and live within a budget. Now, the hospital is in debt and those in charge are arguing about who is going to be responsible for the budget. (Editor’s note: Peace Island Medical Center and San Juan Island EMS are separate entities with separate finances.) I am again curious as to how they expect the public to pay for their debt. I can only assume there is some money to be made there.

The island is being run by people who think our land is their land to do with as they will. Think of Homes for Islanders, think about the land bank. How about the gorgeous new Humane Society home for lost pets? (Editor’s note: The new building for the Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor is not funded by taxes.) There are groups on the island that think they are too big to fail. They will profit and benefit from their pet projects while I have to wonder where I am going to get my property tax money to pay for these. Stand up, quiet homeowners!

Teresa Cruikshank

San Juan Island