Prosecutors praise | Letter

I recently testified in a court of San Juan County. I want to commend Carolyn Jewett, deputy prosecuting attorney, as well as Kim Lambie and Heather Smith, for the excellent work they do for the San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

I have testified in over 70 cases and 20 different judicial venues in my career as a physician. Scheduling, rearrangement, postponements and subpoenas are the curse of witnesses. Kim and Heather work hard to make a system fraught with scheduling frustrations very human-friendly and manageable. Prosecutor Jewett knows the law, and her in-court case control is excellent. In my opinion, they and the entire office are the best teams I have experienced in over 46 years of testifying. Kudos to Randall Gaylord, J.D., for his management of this efficient and witness-friendly office and staff.

Warren Appleton

San Juan Island