Political payback? Voters should expect less from EMS, evidently | Letters

I was disappointed, though not surprised, at the passive-aggressive response by Cole and Edwards to the voter’s decision not to approve the EMS levy increase.

While their press release starts off claiming to respect the voters’ decision, it quickly descends into a series of likely retributions we voters have apparently brought upon ourselves.

First, they can only “try” to maintain “essential services.”

Second, they will “forestall capital improvements and equipment purchases,” meaning they will continue to let the equipment degenerate while they spend money paying for their $2,000,000 building and huge salary increases.

Third, they foresee the need to eliminate the benefit of “no out of pocket costs for District residents for 911 and ground ambulance services.”

This is another way of saying the voters will pay, one way or the other, for the imprudent decisions Cole and Edwards made during the worst recession since the great depression.

They conclude their press release by saying, “we will continue to serve our community to the best of our ability…”

Given they provide no assurance they can maintain essential services, keep capital equipment from being run into the ground, or continue the no out of pocket benefit, the “best of their ability” will probably not be good enough.

Also given they seem to be having trouble making ends meet, even though their total revenue has gone from $1,364,000 to $3,443,000 over the past four years, casts even more doubt they can provide the leadership the EMTs and the voters deserve and expect.

I do not believe the voters have to choose between pay more or get less. I do believe if the current leadership can’t do the job, we should replace them with people who can.

Bill Williams/San Juan Island