Please, slow down and watch for wildlife | Letter

A vehicle struck and killed a young fox today (June 20) on the road near the Cattle Point Lighthouse trail. The driver didn’t stop, but left the fox there to die.

The fox was still warm when we picked its limp body up and carried it off the road. Its eyes were frozen open in a death stare. The fox’s pooled blood in the roadway was still wet.

Because of the high foot traffic on that trail, we decided to dig a grave for it not far from where it lived and died.

If your vehicle kills an animal, it is a violation of state law to leave the scene and not attempt to render aid. The law states: “It shall be unlawful for any person to do any of the following: 1. Upon striking an animal with a motor vehicle, failing to stop at once and render reasonable assistance.”

Some may argue that those laws apply only to domestic animals (the law goes on to specifically address domestic animals). No one can argue, however, that leaving an animal to die in the road is heartless and inhumane, as is leaving a dead animal in the road to be repeatedly run over by vehicles.

Please, slow down. Watch for wildlife. Watch for children and their pets. And respect and protect life.

Richard and Molly Walker

San Juan Island