Letters To The Editor

Food drive for families in danger of losing their pets? What could be more purr-fect | Letters

This annual event works with the Friday Harbor Food Bank to help families in need keep their pets fed. Their goal is to collect 4,000 pounds of pet food. They are accepting donations of pet food, cash, or checks.

  • Feb 10th, 2015

Benefits & control; up side of coal exports at Cherry Point | Letters

If the Gateway Terminal Project is not approved, the coal shipments will travel to export terminals in British Columbia. This means Washington will have little, if any, control over the process and lose any benefits, like jobs, tax revenue, economic growth... Is this what we truly want?

  • Feb 7th, 2015

Lowest rate in the state? Vexed over vaccinations | Letters

Now, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but even I know that climate change is real, bad calls were made in the Super Bowl, and the autism vaccine link has been debunked. Folks, get your heads out of the sand.

  • Feb 6th, 2015

Banker’s hours for island vets? Cruel fate for family pet| Letters

I just hope that nobody else has to endure watching a beloved pet dying in pain with the lack of veterinary care on a weekend in San Juan Island.

  • Feb 5th, 2015

Preserve & protect: of trees, carbon and tax breaks | Letters

I have thousands of trees at least 10 years old. I will lease the trees’ ability to transform CO2 to oxygen to someone who wants to offset their fossil fuel or carbon output.

  • Feb 3rd, 2015

UFOs in Friday Harbor? It appears Vashon has ’em, too | Letters

The strange phenomena that I can only describe as fireballs were extremely bright, orange disks with pinkish-bright edges or centers. I might have seen a bit of metallic rim to one, as I tried to observe as closely as I could.

  • Feb 3rd, 2015

No money for new ambulance? What happened to capital reserve? | Letters

Long ago, a capital reserve fund was in place to provide funds to replace aging ambulances... at present it is not in place and there have been no ambulances purchased. I assume the monies were transferred to the general fund... and, if so... why?

  • Feb 1st, 2015

Daughter seeks support for her sick mom | Letters

A few weeks ago, my mother, Niki Truesdale, was diagnosed with bronchitis. After a couple weeks, she was not getting better, so doctors did some x-rays.

  • Jan 24th, 2015

In solidarity with Lummi Nation | Letter

The residents of this county owe a huge thank you to members of the Lummi Nation for their continuing opposition to a coal terminal at Cherry Point.

  • Jan 22nd, 2015

Money not well spent at ferry terminal | Letter

Last fall I attended a Ferry Reservation Information Meeting. I asked the question, “How much is it going to cost to implement the reservation program?”

  • Jan 22nd, 2015

Many thanks to Fish for Teeth Supporters | Letters

Fish for Teeth is starting its fourth year of bringing the Medical Teams International mobile dental van to San Juan County.

  • Jan 17th, 2015

Salute of solidarity for a nation on the right track | Letters

The residents of this county owe a huge thank you to members of the Lummi Nation for their continuing opposition to a coal terminal at Cherry Point. Their most recent letter reads in part, “The impacts on the Nation’s treaty rights...

  • Jan 15th, 2015

Forget about the rants, how ’bout some ‘raves’ | Letters

Never shy to give credit where it's due, San Juan Island's Francie Hansen finds two more "rave-worthy" recipients.

  • Jan 13th, 2015

Hysteria over ‘reefer madness’ derails promise of a better future| Letters

Once again, I am faced with struggling to make ends meet until spring, when the tourist season begins again... the “reefer madness” hysteria has prevailed at the expense of year-round, full-time employment for 16 people.

  • Jan 13th, 2015

Moratorium misplaced; islands’ agricultural heritage under assault | Letters

I am against the proposed moratorium on growing cannabis in San Juan County. We should be supporting the success of a diversified agriculture not standing in it's way.

  • Jan 10th, 2015

Resolve to be a better neighbor in 2015; here’s how | Letter

... how can we be a better community in this new year and beyond? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Jan 8th, 2015

New OPAlCO rates punish the thrifty, part-timers and the poor | Letters

Cooperatives began 200 years ago as a way to protect common folk from the exactions of greedy merchants and corporations, but OPALCO is running just like any ordinary corporation, always seeking more sources of wealth to appropriate, usually from those with the least to spare.

  • Jan 8th, 2015

Relieved Journal isn’t steering the ship | Letters

— Editor’s note: Our compass clearly got turned around, as Mr. Zaehring cleverly notes in his letter and about the story referenced below.

  • Jan 6th, 2015

Town gets false credit for ‘contribution’, but bigger worries surround ballfields | Letters

Upon reading the article you find that the town has not given any money to the ballfields, but has donated funds “to cover the cost of a portion of the construction of a sidewalk,” a condition required by the town.

  • Jan 3rd, 2015

Sculptures, ceramics, paintings and more… oh my, IMA | Letters

As I spent time meandering in the galleries, I found myself delighted, amazed and very proud of the artistic community of our islands.

  • Jan 3rd, 2015

Apples to apples: Why not treat all ‘buzz’ crops the same? | Letters

Apples, hops, grapes, berries, barley, potatoes, cherries, etc., are all well-established as agricultural crops. Along with cannabis, they are all processed to make recreationally intoxicating products for grown-ups.

  • Dec 31st, 2014

‘Wowed’ by holiday twinkle in town | Letters

Many thanks to Mayor Lacher, Duncan Wilson, your crew and Fleming"s Lighting for creating a winter wonderland at circle park... well worth the wait.

  • Dec 31st, 2014

Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to blood-drive donors | Letters

During the latest San Juan Island blood drive, Dec. 17, Puget Sound Blood Center registered 79 people. This will help build up the blood supply for the holidays and bring health and comfort to many patients.

  • Dec 30th, 2014

Artistic? It’s an eyesore. What were they thinking at IMA? | Letters

What was the architect thinking when he designed this jagged-edged building which looks more like a modern greenhouse than an art museum—and to build it in between a dental office and an empty medical building—good building sense!

  • Dec 27th, 2014

Let the sunshine: solar for our schools | Letters

In addition to generating solar power for the schools, the Community Solar for Our Schools project will also immerse our students in renewable energy education. The educational value of this project is perhaps even greater than the panels themselves.

  • Dec 22nd, 2014

Memory lapse? True history of art museum ignored | Letters

I wish the board the best of luck in their new building, but only hope that they can acknowledge the “True History of their Founders“ on their website and in future press releases.

  • Dec 22nd, 2014

Feathers ruffled by ineffective, foul-mouthed flagger | Letters

Not only was the flagger inept in directing traffic correctly, I found it astonishing that a public employee would even think of screaming obscenities at the traffic he was responsible for directing.

  • Dec 17th, 2014

Many to thank for theatre’s support | Letters

Not only did it raise more than $130,000 for the Theatre in just one evening, but brought our island community together for holiday cheer, great food, entertainment, dancing and so much more!

  • Dec 16th, 2014

A win-win; how you can help a student succeed | Letters

This past calendar year students enrolled in our program have logged over 1,500 hours of volunteer service to our community. By making a donation to the San Juan Island Service Scholarship Fund, you directly support and encourage these young people to become the next generation of volunteers and leaders.

  • Dec 16th, 2014

An enchanted evening in Friday Harbor | Letters

It began with gathering for the Tree Lighting Ceremony. Warm apple cider was served by the many generous volunteers. So many people joined to celebrate the holiday.

  • Dec 13th, 2014

No patience with poachers at San Juan’s south end | Letters

We intercepted the guys at their vehicle parked at the gated south entrance on Cattle Point Road. They fled the scene, but we were able to give the Sheriff's Department an accurate vehicle description and part of the license plate number.

  • Dec 12th, 2014

Season’s spirit of giving alive & well on San Juan Island | Letters

Operation Christmas Child received 186 shoeboxes from our island that will be part of over 10 million gifts sent to children in over 140 countries... God bless all of you who helped make this project possible...

  • Dec 11th, 2014

Tree stumps, cinderblock buildings, edgy art? What’s happened to Friday Harbor | Letters

Our town is rapidly and steadily losing its charm and quaintness. Does anyone like that whale tail statue? How many street trees could we have planted with the money spent on that?

  • Dec 9th, 2014

Local singers, local musicians; good time guaranteed | Letters

While I appreciate your promotion of the two SJCT events, the Holiday Festival on December 6 and the HD streaming Nutcracker on December 22, I do wonder why you don't mention the San Juan Singers concert on December 13 and 14... local singers, local orchestral musicians, good fun.

  • Dec 3rd, 2014

Many to thank for help with Fan-tastic carnival | Letters

The outpouring of volunteerism was phenomenal: from the dozens of high school students from the San Juan Island Service Scholarship, the Leos and the S-Club; to members of Soroptimist International and their free face-painting booth; to parents and grandparents...

  • Dec 3rd, 2014

Fond farewell to exemplary officer | Letters

As Undersheriff, Bruce was usually my initial contact when issues arose involving the Sheriff’s Department.

  • Dec 1st, 2014

Hats off to an ally in my battle against tobacco addiction | Letters

By telling me that I couldn’t quit my doctor showed me how little he knew about my personality. No one tells me what I can and cannot do. No one. So, three days later on Dec. 1, I went back to him and...

  • Nov 26th, 2014

Giving credit where credit is due—in triplicate | Letters

Evidently, the San Juan Island Quakers haven't gotten in tune with that 'ol saying, that no good deed goes unpunished. For good deeds, they're doling out praise, instead...read on:

  • Nov 24th, 2014

To error is human… but county ought to pony up for assessor mistake | Letters

I was further dismayed to read that the assessor feels Island Rec is liable for the overage. We teach our kids to take responsibility for their actions. So take responsibility, county of San Juan. You messed up. You pay the bill.

  • Nov 21st, 2014

Political payback? Voters should expect less from EMS, evidently | Letters

While a recent press release from hospital district officials starts off claiming to respect the voters’ decision, it quickly descends into a series of likely retributions we voters have apparently brought upon ourselves.

  • Nov 18th, 2014