PADs wags a thousand thanks | Letter

Wurroofff. Jaden here with a thousand wags of thanks to the San Juan Island Community Foundation team and contributors for the matching grant fund-raiser during the San Juan County Fair. You really put on the dog. And another thousand wags of thanks to the many kind and caring humans who stepped in to help 30 Island nonprofit organizations to keep the ball rolling. For my part, I had a ball helping out with the match fund, and you deserve a big bark-out for helping us to raise over $11,000 for the PADs Program. That’s a lot of turkey. And now I’m dog-tired and have to rest up for the very important Parkinson’s detection sniffing work ahead of me tomorrow, and for many days to come. Thank you, humans. The 18 super-sniffing dogs of PADs all wag for you.


PADS pup

San Juan Island