OPALCO promoting Iditarod | Letters

We received our copy of OPALCO’s newsletter, Ruralite, in the mail recently. I was sickened and disappointed to see that the issue included a full-page article entitled, “Adventure Awaits,” promoting the notoriously cruel Iditarod Sled Dog Race.

Whoever edits Ruralite is clearly misinformed or uninformed. The Iditarod is widely known as one of the most barbaric and cruel “sporting” events in the world. A recent 2-year undercover operation has revealed horrific abuse and neglect throughout the industry, prompting many previous advertisers to pull their support. Iditarod sled dogs are very often kept in deplorable conditions and discarded (killed) with little thought when they become sick, old or unable to compete. Every year, many dogs do not complete the race because they die due to the extreme conditions and exertion required.

Condoning and promoting animal cruelty is not what I expect from my utility company.

Jan Murphy,

San Juan Island