O’Day truly represents county | Letter

San Juan County is fortunate to once again have a county council candidate who will truly represent the hardworking, taxpaying residents of our beautiful island.

Stephanie O’Day is the most exceptionally qualified candidate in this year’s election. Her career has led to a moment where her long-time dedication to this community, depth of knowledge and unique ability to cut through bureaucracy are most needed in solving our ever-evolving problems. Most pressing is the housing shortage, growing and festering for years. Stephanie is a champion for business and an ally of the “everyday islanders’ who have suffered with tax increase after tax increase, unending levies, a loss of services, and a forever expanding bloated county government. It is time for some good common sense and problem-solving on our county council.

This year brings us the best slate of candidates that we have had in a very long time. Each one has something positive and unique to offer and certainly seems to be honorable individual with good intentions.

Stephanie O’Day stands out from the field as exactly what this county needs to get back on track to success for all.

Lauren Cohen,

San Juan Island