Nonpartisan equals islander, vote Loftus | Letters

In our peaceful island community we have unique activities, needs and people. We are islanders.

Local services and offices serve our islander needs without bias. We are served well by Protestants, Catholics, democrats, republicans, independents, green party members, homosexuals, heterosexuals,people who like pickles, people who do not like pickles and various races.

When your house is on fire do you really care about the political party of the fire firefighter who shows up to help? People who step up to serve in these positions have professional focus on their tasks. It should not be distracted by race, color, religion, political party or endorsements.That is why we classify certain services and offices as nonpartisan.

The hospital district commission is nonpartisan. It is a great way for people to work together with people of other backgrounds for the good of our community. Let’s keep it that way.

Nonpartisan equals islander. I would appreciate your vote for Michelle Loftus for SJCPHD Position 2. I have asked for no endorsements. My professional focuswill not be distracted.

Michelle Loftus

SJCPHD Board #2 Candidate