No on I-1631 | Letter

Even the Wall Street Journal opposes I-1631. The Seattle Times also opposes it.

I-1631 will hit the families in San Juan County hard. Especially the families that have to work multiple jobs. San Juan County fuel costs are already 70 cents higher than the mainland. San Juan County rental costs are already significantly higher.

Add on a tax for housing, that will not subsidize enough housing at a reduced cost to offset the fuel cost increase. There is no cap on I-1631, the cost will increase every year. There is a woefully inadequate impact on carbon emissions, You will get nothing meaningful for what you will pay.

Gov. Inslee is banking on I-1631 to propel himself into the Whitehouse, balancing his dream of power and glory on the back of working families.

If I-1631 passes, it will become a national agenda.

I urge a no vote on I-1631.

John Christensen

Friday Harbor