Needed feedback from the community | Letters

The semester is soon coming to an end and students have been working diligently all semester to complete their projects. On Wednesday Jan. 13, 2016 (5:30 – 7 p.m.), students will be giving presentations demonstrating all that they have accomplished and learned this term.

We need community members to come and give valuable feedback to our students about their projects. It will truly be an exciting evening to learn about so many great projects such as: acquiring new equipment for our local boxing gym, completing trail impact surveys on our island, raising awareness and providing supplies for children in Papua New Guinea and Romania, publishing a coloring book about orcas in captivity, painting our Turnbull Gym, encouraging recycling at school, teaching arts and crafts to students of all ages, building cat posts for our local animal shelter, just to name a few!

We had a total of twenty-seven different projects going this semester!

Please respond by email  if you can evaluate. Also, please contact friends that you think could help us in January.  We need quite few evaluators this time around!

Jenny Wilson

Teacher, FHHS