Narcan | Letter

I was pleased to see a recent Opinion piece about the threat of fentanyl overdose. The increased presence of fentanyl in counterfeit drugs, and in forms that mimic candy, and its extreme toxicity which means it can be present in toxic doses on surfaces have increased accidental overdoses.

Naxalone (Narcan) can quickly reverse the effects and save lives, but time is critical.

Individuals are encouraged to keep it on hand and in their vehicles.

Naxalone is simple to use. It is a nasal spray. Insert the tip in a nostril and squeeze.

Naxalone is safe. If administered to someone who is not overdosing it does not have any negative impact or side effects.

All Washington residents can order two doses online for free and get it in the mail at this website:

Pharmacies in the county can dispense it under an open prescription, but without a specific doctor’s prescription, it will not be covered by insurance.

Public and community organizations can apply to distribute Naxalone for free. Currently, there are no organizations doing this in San Juan County.

For information on how to apply:


Necia Quast,

San Juan Island