Monica, Barbara and Bill for hospital board | Letters

I have known Monica Harrington for many years and she is an exceptional candidate for San Juan County Public Hospital District board position 3.

Monica’s business experience in the technology field and with the Gates Foundation speaks volumes, and equally important, her integrity as a person is outstanding. She is committed to affordable healthcare and to serving islanders, and she has my vote.

Also running, are Barbara Sharp and Bill Williams. Both have excellent credentials and have my vote as well.

These three candidates will bring trust and transparency to the hospital district board which is badly needed. I’m confident they will address the concerns that many islanders have including:

Getting clarity from Peace Island Medical Center about exactly what medical services it does and doesn’t provide, and then amending the current contract so that the hospital district is able to fund services that islanders want and need but that PeaceHealth does not provide.

Writing a trustworthy and sustainable EMS budget that we as a community can and will support when the current EMS contract runs out next year. Without a new budget approved by voters, funding for our EMS services would drop dramatically.

Determining how PIMC can provide urgent care to patients in need, rather than just funneling the serious, yet not life threatening situations to the hugely expensive emergency room. From talking to many islanders, I am hearing that urgent care at PIMC is virtually nonexistent, thus if you suddenly need stitches, and you don’t have an appointment with a doctor at PIMC, instead of receiving urgent care, you get sent to the emergency room.

I believe that Monica Harrington, Barbara Sharp and Bill Williams are the candidates that will find solutions to these challenges, and I urge you to vote or them.

Suzanne Franklin

San Juan Island