Money not well spent at ferry terminal | Letter

Last fall I attended a Ferry Reservation Information Meeting. I asked the question, “How much is it going to cost to implement the reservation program?”

They felt that the anticipated chaos at Anacortes would require a new management position to handle the disorder and confusion trying to get the vehicles through the tollbooth and into the proper lines.

They will also require additional staff to man the tollbooths.

Wrong answer.

Low bidder to install a new tollbooth at MP55.67 SR 20 Spur for $199,537,370 was Flatiron West, Inc. in Benicia, Calif. Two other Washington companies bid $214.9 and $249.8 million.

The partial list of the work to be done is: removing existing tollbooth, 600 LF controlled blasting, 300 CY roadway excavation, 104 LF pre cast concrete barrier, 1390 LF paint line, toll booth. The list goes on to include a verity of communication cables and equipment, highway advisory radio transmitter system, etc.

Maybe $200 million could have been used for a down payment on a new boat.

See you in the “standby” line

Herb Schiessl

Lopez Island