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Minney for county council | Letter

I am writing in strong support for Christine Minney for the San Juan County council. Christine is deeply committed to seeing and hearing all sides of the issues we face, and to me, it is this quality — not the lack of “D” or “R” on the ballot — that defines nonpartisanship. The council is a nonpartisan body and I have been dismayed by the degree to which there seems to be active party involvement in this race.

Christine is well known by everyone in our community, whatever their beliefs or politics, and she has the ability to listen and build bridges between us, not simply represent one set of policies or solutions. I see no simple solutions to issues like affordable housing, protecting our environment and our economy simultaneously, or how we strike the proper balance in our local response to the pandemic. The solutions which will work are those which incorporate input from all sides.

Christine brings a history of hard work, character, and good judgment to the position, and these are critical to public service. They are also, sadly, rare when we survey our nation’s politics (on both sides). But we can have those qualities working for us here in San Juan County, and for that reason, I support Christine for council and ask that you do as well.

Mark Madsen

Friday Harbor