Michelle Loftus is the most experienced person for the position | Letters

Michelle Loftus DVM is the most experienced person for hospital board position 2. Her medical experience allows her to understand the EMS and hospital issues since she has been in medicine for 29 years.

She specifically knows the law and how it relates to medicine. She will best understand those EMS project requests and budget items because she has asked for some herself. She knows how medical systems are set up and the requirements of Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Michelle’s administrative skills will direct our district to excellent healthcare without the unnecessary challenges to the subsidy agreement with PIMC. Michelle’s business experience will watch our bottom line.

As Michelle says, she likes to make those pennies scream. So vote for this woman of integrity. She will put your worried minds to rest that your healthcare is being managed by very capable hands. Vote for Michelle Loftus for hospital board position 2.

Sandra Frinell

San Juan Island