Maureen Marinkovich for Co-op board | Letter

My name is Maureen Marinkovich and I am running for a seat on the board of our food co-op, of which I am a founding member. I have seen people become unenthused or feel alienated and, as a result, are no longer part of the co-op. I’ve seen people with really good ideas rejected. I’ve seen great ideas developed but not implemented by the board because of a lack of an overall plan or direction.

My goal is to try and bring the membership together and fill up our empty committees. I would also like to see new and old members feel welcome when they shop the co-op. I would also like non-members to feel comfortable shopping there. I plan on doing all this with an open heart and mind.

I think all our intentions are good and we can work together. I have been given no access to a list of members, which I believe I am entitled to under state law, but have been denied; therefore, I am writing a letter to the editor in the hopes of reaching current members. Please vote for me in the upcoming election, initiated on March 21st at the Brickworks. I will represent the membership in a kind and loving way. Please contact me if you want to talk or have a question: or go to to look at the proposed by-law changes or to read my full campaign statement.

Maureen Marinkovich

San Juan island