Marrett ‘made of stronger stuff’ | Letter

It is a shame to see a candidate who has conducted a positive campaign and given so much to her community personally attacked in a letter to the editor by Melissa Alspaugh, an individual who is not even an island resident. It’s why good people, like Barbara Marrett, might be reluctant to run for office. Fortunately, Barbara is made of stronger stuff.

I’ve known Barbara for over 30 years. I attended the meetings in which the port commission was verbally attacked and a mob mentality prevailed until more formal meeting protocols were enforced. The description of Barbara in that letter bears no resemblance to the person I’ve known for decades, nor to her or the other two commissioners’ behavior during difficult meetings. I commend Barbara for continuing her willingness to serve the public as a port commissioner. She has my admiration and vote to carry on the honorable work she is known for throughout the islands.

Mitzi Johnson

San Juan Island