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Look at bills | Letter

About 65 percent of San Juan County residents are Democrat supporters, 30 percent Republican and about 5 percent Libertarian/Green/Socialist/other. Kind of hard to find issues and bills that could be supported by all isn’t it? There are three bills before Congress right now, however, that can and should be supported by all. After you take a careful and independent look at them, I urge you to contact Congressman Rick Larsen by email and phone to encourage his support. The last two directly affect your pocketbook. They are:

  • Stop Arming Terrorists Act (H.R. 608)
  • Return to Prudent Banking Act (H.R.381)
  • The 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act (H.R.3711)

In 2008, our nation was shaken by the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The livelihoods of hard-working families and across the country were put at risk; millions of Americans lost their homes, and many saw their life savings wiped out – all because of risky banking practices by “too big to fail” banks. The banks that were ‘too big to fail’ in 2008 are even bigger today. We must ensure that no bank is so big that its risky bets can bring down the entire U.S. economy. The Return to Prudent Banking Act would reinstate important consumer protections put in place after the Great Depression and require separation between commercial and investment banking.

To help ensure the financial stability of our nation, we must fight against dangerous behavior on Wall Street where investors take big risks on the backs of American taxpayers.

The Stop Arming Terrorists Act is a bit more complicated to explain but it is an incontrovertible fact that for years, U.S. foreign policy (with Congressional and administrative democrat/republican support) is arming terrorist groups overseas. Sponsor Tulsi Gabbard (D) Hawaii is in a video interview worth seeing, which gives full details. Other information can be found at her website. BTW, I don’t agree with all of her positions on other issues, but these three bills make common sense.

It’s best if you call and email Congressman Larsen. Give both the title and H.R. number of the three bills. Thanks.

Philip W. Cook

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island