Local veteran applauds schools’ Veterans Day assemblies

A sincere congratulatory note of appreciation is in order —jobs well done!

Friday Harbor High School and Elementary School students, staff, parents and friends participated in two wonderful pre-Veterans Day ceremonies last Thursday morning, Nov. 10 in successive school assemblies. American Legion veterans from Friday Harbor post 163 were present to represent each U.S. military branch in which they had served, in honor of all U.S. veterans and active duty military.

FHHS students are commended for their mature and respectful conduct during the entire ceremony in the school gym. The FHHS band (including some middle school students) played each service branch’s song, as veterans stood proudly in front of students. The band deserves special recognition for their professional orchestra performance under the outstanding direction of their leader, Cart Nelsen.

At the elementary school, all in attendance were treated to young students performing with bells and harmonic choir songs, interspersed with grand cheers for all of our military. Local legion members also gave special talks and demonstrated the correct way to fold our nation’s flag. Elementary school staff, students, parents and volunteers are all commended for a fine, respectful assembly.

At the end of the morning, I wasn’t sure if any local news media representatives were present at either event, but I hoped they were. While many in our country are out demonstrating, often with a lack of respect for other people and property, I was happy to participate with our local American Legion, Friday Harbor High School and Elementary School.

My sincere thank you to everyone involved at FHHS and FHES. You touched many veterans’ hearts with kindness last Thursday.

Ron Di Cristina, USAF Veteran

Friday Harbor