Library embodies community spirit | Letter

The proposed levy for the San Juan Island Library represents more than just a budget; it embodies our community’s spirit and values. The library has always been a cornerstone of Friday Harbor, fostering learning, growth, and inclusivity.

Our library’s journey from a single room in Town Hall to its current state showcases our commitment to education and community. Programs like “Baby Toddler Time,” “Preschool Story Play,” “Knitting Underground,” and “Dungeons and Dragons” are not superfluous. They are essential, bringing together individuals of all ages in a safe, welcoming, and intellectually stimulating space.

While many families own digital devices, these cannot replace the benefits of community-centric programs. The library offers human connection (and don’t we all need more of that?) and shared experiences that technology cannot replicate. These programs cater to diverse needs, fostering creativity, literacy, and social interaction.

The library’s role as a community hub aligns with Friday Harbor’s values: community, support, and dedication to education. By voting in favor of the levy, we ensure that the library can continue offering invaluable services and remain a vibrant center for all residents.

Support our library, recognizing its programs and resources as investments in our collective well-being and future. Vote “YES” on the proposed levy to keep our library a thriving heart of our community.

Frank Stucki

San Juan Island