Letters: Democratic Presidential Primary

You may be perplexed over what Washington’s May 24 Democratic

Presidential Primary means, especially if you participated in the March 26

Democratic precinct caucuses. But I encourage you to vote!

The media will report the results of the Washington State Republican

primary on May 24, as they use the primary results to assign delegates to

their national convention.

Even though your vote will not determine Democratic convention delegates,

that was done via the precinct caucuses, most people, especially those

outside Washington will not know this. We want the rest of the United

States to know that we DO vote. In fact, our county historically has the

highest voter turnout in Washington in presidential election years.

Although turnout was remarkable at the March 24 Democratic precinct

caucuses, the great majority of Democratic voters in our county did not

participate for a variety of reasons. The primary in which we vote by mail, is

a secret ballot and is available to all, whether they did attend precinct

caucuses or not.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to be counted in this much more broad-

based referendum on your preferred presidential candidate.

If you have questions, call the San Juan County Elections Office at 378-


Diane Martindale

San Juan County for Hillary coordinator