Lawsuit against the Navy is a political spectacle | Letter

Editor’s note: The Weekly typically only publishes letters from county residents, however, since the Growlers affect our county, and the writer is a public figure, we’ve chosen to run it.

The mission of The Greater Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce is to serve and promote the business interests of greater Whidbey Island. We cannot imagine a more worthy cause than supporting the mission of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, the largest employer within three counties. NAS Whidbey provides over 9,000 military and civilian jobs with a total economic activity generated in this area equal to nearly $1.04 billion. Jets truly do equal jobs.

Whidbey Island residents “choose” to call Whidbey Island their home. Businesses are outraged that a small group of self-interested, divisive activists are promoting their limited special interests over the greater national good. Attorney General Robert Ferguson’s decision to file suit against the Department of the Navy under the pretext of “protecting the rights” of a small group of activists is ill-advised and fails to even consider the critical carrier landing practice needs of our men and women who fly the aircraft that protect our freedom. What a waste of taxpayer money. Particularly when the persons lobbying for this action are focused more on their property values than the safety of the flight crews who have been using this area for training for over 60 years.

The Oak Harbor Chamber would like the U.S. Navy and everyone who serves and have served this country through NAS Whidbey to know that the business community stands beside you, supporting your efforts for the best possible training available. The lawsuit that Attorney General Ferguson filed against the Department of the Navy is completely out of touch with the real issues presented by this discussion and does not represent the sentiment of a vast majority of the residents of Whidbey Island and surrounding areas. We support the “Sound of Freedom.” Conversely, using the office of the Attorney General to promote the objectives of a small, but very vocal special interest group is inexcusable.

Christine Cribb, executive director

Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce