Land bank is invaluable | Letter

I share a boundary with a San Juan County Land Bank property. Recently I had a query about the exact location of two of the property lines.

When Doug McCutcheon from the LB, and I walked the line I found that it was clearly marked and the boundary scrupulously respected. This was typical, as over many years I have always found the LB staff friendly, competent and easy to deal with. More than that, I realized that the LB staff are well versed in the best conservation science available and are caring for our public land in an informed and conscientious way, managing to provide the best possible environment for biodiversity that may well be our best bet in a challenging changing climate.

The Land Bank is an invaluable asset to our quality of life now and will be even more so in our children’s and grandchildren’s future. As a community, we are very lucky to have it.

Bruce Clark

San Juan Island