Krebs is for whales and humans | Letter

I’m endorsing re-electing Ron Krebs for San Juan County sheriff. Let me tell you about this bloke.

As many of you know, I have been a whale watch captain for 17 years. Recently I started a nonprofit, Orca Protection and Rescue because I have become disenchanted with the whale watch industry and how it continues to grow, and how bad some operate around the whales.

Recently I met with Sheriff Krebs for advice. He asked me about the Southern resident killer whales, and it was clear that he knew nothing about them. About a month later we reconnected over lunch and he said to me, I had no idea orca killer whales were so intelligent, and they are such advanced, matriarchal societies. He told me all kinds of other facts that he had learned. This man went out of his way to school himself about our local orcas and other whales! He now knows that the orcas are declining and will most likely not bounce back – although they have surprised us before. He wants to do something about it.

In addition, since he’s been the sheriff, when I call the sheriff’s dispatch or office to report when a whale or group of whales is transiting interisland, the staff are so wonderful to deal with, and accommodating, when they can, to get a patrol on the water or at least contact the U.S. Coast Guard. His staff really care.

Ron Krebs, the sheriff who cares about whales, is my and Orca Protection and Rescue’s choice for sheriff. Thank you, sheriff, for caring and having a square head on your shoulders.

Vote for Ron Krebs, for humans and the whales!

Capt. Hobbes Buchanan

San Juan Island