Kari McVeigh has vision experience and disposition for council | Letter

As a still relative “newbie” to San Juan Island ( merely 20 years) I have personally seen and listened to the observations of families for whom I have cared over two decades about how our County has changed. They have shared their concerns as how poorly County government AND governance have failed us as election after election marginally qualified and inexperienced people have been elected to senior County office. The results have been as might have been predicted- rogue agencies, fights among competing constituencies, deals made behind closed doors without appropriate endorsement by our citizenry. This chaos was exacerbated by back-and-forth decisions about how the Council should be structured which further undermined its credibility.

It is time for someone who actually has the experience, the vision, and the disposition to help all of us right this teetering ship. That person is Kari McVeigh. I watched as she graciously came on board as Acting Superintendent of the San Juan Island School District when it was it was fraught with dissension and loss of direction. After a successful career elsewhere SHE DID NOT HAVE TO DO THIS!!!

She saw the need, rose to the occasion, and, working with others committed to the District’s future, the short-term course was corrected. But more than that, she won wide respect and helped ensure the District’s stability by mentoring those who would ultimately assume leadership.

She has two competitors in this race. One may ultimately have a future in the public arena, but the inexperience of the recent Council would only be continued by his election. The other candidate is a respected member of our community who has definite areas of expertise, notably land management. This is one key issue for all of us, but she would best serve our community as a Special Consultant to the Council on such matters.

Please vote for Kari McVeigh in the upcoming election.

Mark Fishaut MD FAAP,

San Juan Island